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New Life for Your Faulty Controllers

Like any other equipment, with regular use, your data acquisition and temperature controllers will become faulty. EK-Systems of Chicago, Illinois, has the skilled technicians to restore your systems. We use the proper tools and proven processes to make your equipment operate like new.

Control Panels


Send in your Eurotherm, Barber-Colman, or other instruments for custom repair. Services include emergency repairs in our shop, so you can get your process equipment up and running fast. For instruments that can't be repaired, we offer a trade-in on many Eurotherm or Barber-Colman controllers. Additionally, we can supply:

• Remanufactured Instruments, with Up-To-Date Circuitry for the Best Control of Your Process
• Exchange Instruments for Faster Delivery – "We Get the Equipment Running – Now"
• Loaners on Some Models, for a Small Fee – "Try Out" a New Style of Instruments for Evaluation Directly in Your Application

EK Configuration

EK Configuration is a value-added service provided by our office. To make sure your instrument literally works "out of the box," we will program your new or repaired Eurotherm instrument for your particular machine or process. Additionally, we will supply a helpful guide with the listed parameters and helpful hints to make the operation run smoothly. EK Configuration can save you many hours of time referring to manuals and attempting frustrating trial-and-error methods when installing a new instrument.